Christine Valmy, Inc.
Christine Valmy, Inc.
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New York, NY  07058-9599
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Company Description:

Company mission: Christine Valmy International School is dedicated to providing our students with an opportunity to pursue a career in the beauty industry. To achieve this goal, we endeavor to provide the highest quality education in an inspiring learning environment, while guiding our students to achieve their potential through knowledge, discovery, and social responsibility. We encourage teamwork, promote professionalism and prepare our students with the tools and placement assistance for employment.


Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology offers a quality education in the beauty industry, based on the teachings of the Founder of Esthetics in the United States—Ms. Christine Valmy (1926-2015).  Ms. Valmy opened her very first school for esthetics in New York City in 1965, and in Pine Brook, New Jersey in 1990.  

The foundation of an esthetics education at our school is to reveal, not conceal, the inner beauty of the skin through targeted techniques, treatments & products.  Graduates leave us with the tools they need to excel in the Skin Care/Esthetics field and successfully pass the NJ State Skin Care Specialty license examination, with special attention to instruction in “the Valmy Method” – a proprietary three-massage facial experience that provides a healing, stimulating & relaxing journey for the client & his/her skin.  Our school offers classes in traditional Skin Care (600 hours) & Post-Graduate Skin Care (140 hours), offered in two modules: Esthetics only or Esthetics + Makeup. Our Skin Care course is available in either English (day & evening) or Spanish language (day only)—& all materials are provided in the language of the course. 

Cosmetology & Hairstyling is our other prominent curriculum.  This 1200-hour course imparts a complete beauty education and prepares graduates to achieve the NJ State Cosmetology License.  Our school trains the professional cosmetologist, as in Europe, to be a true “Beauty Therapist.” From chemistry to anatomy, permanent waves, coloring, shaping and shaving, this course prepares students a career while having fun. Our emphasis is not only on hair, but on all aspects of the cosmetology license: hairstyling & haircuts, mastery of European facials and proficiency in manicuring.   Our Cosmetology & Hairstyling course is available in either English (day & evening) or Spanish language (day only)—& all materials are provided in the language of the course. 

Manicure rounds out the entry-level education at our school.  Preparing our students for the NJ State Manicure license, this 300-hour course will teach students basic manicures and pedicures, sanitation and infection control, waxing and salon management, and even advanced nail techniques such as gels, acrylics and nail art.  Graduates will emerge from the program ready to work at an entry-level nail technician position.  The Manicure course is offered at different times throughout the year in English language only, part-time day & evening classes available, depending on the time of year. 

Our school also offers Instructor Training education for any currently-licensed Cosmetologist who is interested in becoming a cosmetology instructor in the State of NJ.  Our innovative 600-hour curriculum will advance the student’s skill set from his/her proficiency in world of practical beauty and augment it with educational devices & methods sure to inspire and motivate the beauty professionals of the future.  This course is offered during the day, in English, and at varied times throughout the year. 

Christine Valmy International School has flexible schedules, full- or part-time, as well as day or evening course available to meet students’ needs.  Federal financial aid is also available for our Skin Care and Cosmetology & Hairstyling curriculums for those students who qualify.

Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics & Cosmetology is located in suburban Pine Brook, New Jersey (Morris County) and is convenient to all major highways in Northern New Jersey (including 80, 46, 23, 280, 287 the GSP & NJ Turnpike).  We are approximately a 30-minute drive from Manhattan.

Call today for a school tour and to find out more about our signature beauty programs.  Classes start monthly.  A world of opportunity in the beauty industry awaits…start with the right education…right now. 

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Skin Care



Instructor Training

Spanish Language Education

Advanced Education


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Skin Care clinic 2, where students, as Juniors, practice their facial & skin care treatments on each other. As Seniors, students graduate to working on the public by appointment. All services are supervised by licensed instructors

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