Douglas J Aveda Institute
Douglas J Aveda Institute
331 E Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI  48823-4351
Phone: 517-349-9266
Fax: 517-333-9640
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Company Description:


It started years ago in East Lansing, Michigan. The first Douglas J Salon and Spa opened its doors in 1967. Our founder, Douglas J Weaver, started his business with just four stylists, a nail technician, and one receptionist. Doug wanted a highly professional salon where his local community could gather and experience services of elevated quality.

Since then our family of salons and schools has grown by a lot, with hundreds of professionals and students thriving in the culture that Doug cultivated and standardized for years.

All of this has been executed with the intent to provide our guests with exceptional services and  an experience that is unique to the Douglas J salons. Contact your closest Douglas J salon to book your appointment and find out for yourself just how dedicated we are to your satisfaction.


We hold ourselves to a high standard. We maintain our standards with a few key points of difference that elevate us above our competitors.


All of our technicians, no matter the experience level, go through our Developing Mastery program when they start with us. This internal educational system allows our technicians to specialize in the skill of their choice. With a hyper-focused skill set, our professionals can give you a top of the line, unmatched service. Generalizing is OK, but we’re here to give you the best of the best, and that means putting a passion to good use.


Once you leave our chairs and step outside our doors, we don’t forget you, and you won’t forget us. Each time you receive a service, you’re sure to leave feeling renewed and relaxed. We go above and beyond to make sure that you feel that same way a week later. Each service comes with a consultation that ensures you’re getting what you want and a follow up treatment plan, as well as product suggestions. We can show you how to style your new cut or take care of your skin after a refreshing facial. We focus on you; the whole person, not just the haircut. This type of relationship builds client-stylist connections that last years.


If anything above hasn’t shown you why exactly you should consider getting your next hair cut, style or skincare service at a Douglas J salon or spa, here are a few more reasons to book now.


We have aligned ourselves with the Aveda brand because we believe that their values coincide with ours seamlessly. Their focus on improving the world around us as well as on guest happiness as people and not just dollar signs fits with what Weaver has built over the past 50+ years.


We know that every company believes that they employ the best of the best, but we’re going to say it too. From the top executive to the happy receptionist, every single Douglas J employee is considered an important part of making the dream work. We invest in our people, for their success and the quality of service they put out. That’s what makes Douglas J different.


Are you a recent beauty school graduate or licensed cosmetologist looking to join our happy family? There are a few things you should know.


We are an incredibly tight knit group, and if you’re not ready to give your work your heart and soul, think again. At Douglas J we expect you to dedicate the time to learning your craft, working with other professionals and creatives and becoming the best technician you can be within your specialized area of expertise.

Douglas J cares so much about our family that our employees can enjoy benefits like 401ks and insurance. Your health and happiness are a priority to us.


We have Art Directors for both our coloring and design teams. The Directors focus their efforts on training our pros in their respective fields. We bring in industry icons to teach our employees the top techniques and trends in the field. Want want you to be on the cutting edge. Check out our career openings here.

Classes Offered: Hair Design / Cosmetology
Massage Therapy
Skin / Esthetics