Spa Tech Institute
Spa Tech Institute
227 Turnpike Road
Westboro, MA  01581
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Where you go to school sets the direction of the rest of your career. That’s why we encourage future students to visit the school to find out about the Spa Tech difference.

If you are sensitive, intuitive or empathic, you will want a school like Spa Tech Institute that understands that energy and awareness are key to tapping your creativity and inspiration.  With a focus on clarity and intention, your life will be transformed both personally and professionally.

Extended Description:

By combining state of the art educational
concepts along with a deep passion for the fields of natural health and beauty,
the school has become a premier provider of well trained professionals in New
England. The curriculum is designed to support your learning style and to
maximize the value of your time. Grounded in the science of the work while
understanding the creative process of discovery, you learn to think like a
professional rather than just learn a set of skills.


Having an understanding of why you do something
is as important as knowing how to do it. Your creativity will thrive at the
same time that you acquire the hands-on skills of your new profession in
aesthetics, massage or cosmetology. And if you are already deeply into the
science of energy, Polarity Therapy and RYSE will be like finding your home.


The important thing is that you find the program
that is right for you. Finding the perfect fit for you will be crucial for your
success. You have day, evening and half-day programs to choose from depending
on your needs. You’re supported with either the PRI or Pivot Point educational
materials, depending on the program you select. And of course, we have Federal
Student Aid for qualified students.


We are here to help you get all the information
you need. Please contact us for a tour of the school so we can answer all your
questions and see if we are a good fit for you.


We look forward to sharing this work with you so
you may take it into the world to share with others








Student Testimonials:









"Spa Tech has truly changed my life. I have gained the skills and confidence to go
out and do what I people! The administration at Spa Tech really
cares about each and every student and makes the whole experience even better. I
am so grateful for my time here and I look forward to putting my skills to







Massage Therapy 

"Spa Tech has given me everything I need to know about massage. Spa Tech with all the teachers help has
given me the confidence to know I will be successful to follow my dream.
Teachers are amazing and they are always there whenever you need






"I had an amazing experience at Spa Tech. The staff is great, such an amazing
support base as well as full of knowledge. I am convinced that there is not a
school that prepares you better for the state boards. Everyone in the school
becomes your family away from home. And best of all it was in my backyard. I
couldn't have made a better choice when I decided to come to Spa Tech!" 

-Danielle Vinton, Aesthetician










Polarity Therapy 

"This school has changed my life. I have gotten to work with so
many amazing and beautiful people. I am grateful for having had the opportunity
to study here."

-Ben Hersey, Polarity












Classes Offered by Location:






Maine - (207) 591-4141

Massage Therapy, ** Cosmetology **, Polarity Therapy,
Aesthetician, ** Nail Tech **, RYSE (Realizing Your Sublime Energies)




Ipswich, MA –

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage, Polarity Therapy, Esthetics,




Plymouth, MA –

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage, Polarity Therapy, Esthetics,






Westboro, MA –

Holistic and Therapeutic Massage, Polarity Therapy, Esthetics,

Product Information:
Classes Offered: Hair
Massage Therapy

Financial Aid Available for Those Who Qualify