JD Academy of Salon & Spa
JD Academy of Salon & Spa
520 San Ramon Blvd
Danville, CA  94526
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You will come away with a better education:

While so many schools focus on quantity, we are one of the few institutions who place a sincere focus on quality: The quality of our education, the quality of our students and the quality of the careers our students enjoy after graduating from the JD platform.

Our Mission:

Our mission at JD Academy is to turn YOU into a future salon or spa professional who will excel throughout YOUR career. To get you from point A to point B, it’s going to take hard work and dedication from both of us, but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy it.

Cosmetology & Esthetician Programs:

Regardless of which JD Academy program you embark on (Cosmetology or Esthetician), our curriculum is specifically designed to give you the best combination of hands-on, real-world experience and dedicated classroom support from a group of welcoming mentors who will assist you every step of the way.

Full & Part-Time, Day & Evening Schedules:

Life is really good at throwing hurdles in the way of you going after your dreams. While we’ll never be able to remove all of the hurdles, we WILL do everything we can to make sure finding a schedule that fits your life isn’t what stops you from going after it.

Nationally Accredited With All The Financial Aid Options That Come With That:

In addition to a quality education, our national accreditation allows our programs to be eligible for state & federal financial aid benefits. That’s Pell Grants, GI Benefits, Student Loans and more – some of which either don’t have to be paid back or have payments that can be deferred until after graduation. We have a dedicated team of financial aid experts available to help you make your investment in your future as affordable as possible, help you understand exactly what it’s going to cost and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

A Modern Campus in The San Francisco East Bay:

Our Downtown Danville location is ideally situated for folks coming from all over The East Bay and beyond – centrally located along the 680 corridor and a reverse commute for the vast majority of our students. In April 2019, we added a brand new spa facility to compliment and expand on our existing space. Come see us. You won’t be disappointed.

Finding a Good Fit:

We firmly believe that finding the right cosmetology or esthetician program is all about finding the right fit for you. The rest is just marketing. Check out our website, reach out with any questions, and then when you’re ready, schedule a no pressure tour of our school. We’ll show you around, introduce you to our team, show you some of the amazing work our students are putting out. It’s the only way you’ll know whether we’re that perfect fit or if you should be looking at other programs.

Product Information:
We’re JD Academy of Salon + Spa in The San Francisco East Bay. We help aspiring hair, skin &
makeup artists forge their paths into long, profitable careers in the salon + spa industry.

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Classes Offered: CA

Financial Aid Available for Those Who Qualify

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Add to Outlook Contacts Financial Aid Director (925) 855-5551